Jennifer Faircloth, Sr. Marketing Manager, VIAVI Solutions:  “If I had to think of one word to describe Mary it would be “genuine.” She is a genuinely good writer–truly one of the best I have come across in a business setting; she is genuinely curious to learn about the technologies and solutions she markets; she is genuinely smart; she is genuinely funny; and she is genuinely great at working with a wide variety of people. I had the pleasure of working with Mary for two years at VIAVI Solutions, and I wish it could have been much longer. She brought tremendous enthusiasm to her role, and truly understood and successfully implemented content-based marketing in an environment that didn’t always appreciate the approach. She’s also incredibly creative, and often helped me think of concepts in new ways, and develop content that stood out and was well-received. She worked with one of the most cerebral people in a very cerebral company to develop a blog series, webinar, and white paper that were incredibly successful at drawing audiences and leads. I could go on and on, but to keep it relatively succinct, I would happily recommend Mary for any marketing / content / writing role.”

David Oh, Sr. Product Manager, T-Mobile:  My company, FLK worked with Mary for her consulting work to align our company’s positioning and its communication platform to meet stronger initiatives to launch our products in global markets including North America. Mary brought a great value from her work in our company’s new global website, company rebranding, and product rebranding, etc. She did these with her strong experiences and expertise, unique teamwork skills and the leadership. I would strongly recommend Mary to any companies looking for a great professional writer and marketing communications expert. – David Oh

Mack McKelvey, Managing Partner/CEO, SalientMG: “I recommend Mary without hesitation…I’ve hired her twice for writing programs, in both the B2B and B2C spaces, and she has consistently delivered for both companies. Her writing is sophisticated, she’s always on time and thorough. Mary treats her clients as business partners, and she teams with them to ensure she’s creating value. She is always on the top of my short-list for communications or writing projects or programs.”

Rick Choi, Marketing Manager, FLK:  “Mary is a person who catches and pinpoints exactly what I and my company want while she’s working on a project for corporate branding and messaging along with global Web site rebuilding work. She came up with lots of great creative ideas to name several different types of software solution products especially targeted mobile telecommunication industries based on her previous excellent work experience in large corporates. It was quite fun and happy to work with her, and I now respect her personality and professionalism at work from her project & co-worker coordination expertise.”

James Martin, Principal, Linguis: “I’ve hired Mary as part of our agency account team and worked for her as a freelance designer under her management. From both perspectives, Mary is an important part of any team. She’s a fast learner — quickly picking up the nuance of client’s style and strategy. She provides clear, creative direction; manages the client with expertise; and helps projects run efficiently with the best creative outcome. As a writer, she’s clean and quick with a voice that lifts copy out of the typical jargon. As a team member, she’s fun to work with – keeps the trains running on time while fostering the creative process for design and writing. Mary would be an asset to any team and brings a true understanding of the creative process, marketing strategies and the importance of the brand. I highly recommend her for any marketing project!”


Ginger Hill, Director of Marketing, RealNetworks:  “To label Mary as just a freelance writer almost dilutes her contribution because she brings so much more to the role. Mary has been a reliable extension of our team for four years. Her natural ability to fully immerse herself into the business and the company culture makes her a great fit for any professional environment. Mary consistently delivers high-quality content in a voice that is fitting to both the company and the subject matter. And her creativity combined with her knack for problem-solving is a unique skill blend that has also made her a valued consultant on a wide array of marketing projects over the years. In addition to her strong client commitment, professionalism, and rock-solid work ethic, Mary is a genuinely supportive person whom I trust with my most critical projects. I enthusiastically recommend Mary and her work.”


Ben Desjardins, Director of Marketing, Verisign: “Mary is so easy to work with, you almost forget she’s not part of your team. She needs almost no ramp time to get up-to-speed, and she delivers superlative work on time and within budget.”

David Weiss, Copywriter/Manager, VeriSign: “Mary is a great writer who can can quickly get up-to-speed on new technology and a company’s goals. She can smoothly integrate top-level messaging into highly accessible, compelling pieces. I strongly recommend her for any marketing collateral project.”