Please Scroll Thru These Samples

I have experience writing the widest variety of content — from 3-word headlines to 10,000-word articles. Take a look at the samples I’ve posted below which include video scripts, infographics, articles, ads, and case studies. I am a quick study with a knack for assuming the voice of the brand or individual whom I represent. Let’s chat!

Case Studies: Let Your Clients Shine

I enjoy writing case studies because it involves interviewing people who have benefitted from solutions or services of my employer or client. I’m curious and like to learn how customers actually apply products or services to make their jobs better. It is common for the client and I to gain new insights on their success during an interview.

Here are links to a few examples of case studies I’ve worked on:

Changing Company Culture with Agile Marketing

VIAVI Data Center Case Study and Test Guide 

Empowering Global Tech Company to Move Fast, Adapt, and Win

Video: Raising the Issue on Timing

VIAVI sells very sophisticated test and measurement equipment to service providers, manufacturers and enterprises. Often, VIAVI is aware of looming issues in network performance and they need to alert customers to what is ahead. For service providers, the move to 5G networks brings many challenges. In this video, for which I wrote the script and managed production, we are alerting our customers about the adverse effects to a process called “timing and synchronization” that will come with 5G and IoT.

Watch “Timing is Everything” video (2:33).

signal in sky


Focused Content Marketing Campaign

This is a campaign for VIAVI Solutions on the topic of test and measurement for “Ethernet Service Activation“. This has been a successful campaign that includes a web page, Test Guides, Webinars, and social promotion covering the most essentials test solutions for Ethernet service activation. I worked with SMEs to edit and shape content, direct creative and drive promotion via social channels. We captured names via webinar registrations for the live webinars and then continuously over the following year via social promotions and cross-links. This campaign proved the effectiveness of high quality, relevant content and its ability to deliver over time.

CMO’s Agenda White Paper

CMO's AgendaEach year, CMG would conduct a study or survey and report for marketers called the CMO7. In this case, one of the partners and I interviewed several CMOs and VPs of marketing to understand how they involved customers in the product development process. This report is the result of that research.

Commercial Cable Infographic

CMG worked with several cable companies (MSOs) and had great understanding of both the consumer and business sectors. My design partner and I put together this infographic to encapsulate information from a series of white papers for cable clients. The key message was to recommend a marketing focus on smaller businesses as an area of great opportunity.