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I have experience creating and writing content from 3-word headlines to 5,000-word articles. I have also developed and managed integrated marketing campaigns for B2B and B2C businesses in healthcare, technology, consulting services and more. I’m comfortable working with everyone from the C-suite to the factory floor. Take a look at the samples I’ve posted below which include blog posts, case studies, ads, video scripts, infographics, and articles. I am a quick study with a knack for assuming the voice of the brand I represent. Let’s chat!

Social Network Content

I currently run the Jabil Healthcare LinkedIn profile which has exceeded our goals by over 100% since we launched in 2020 after rebranding “Nypro” to Jabil Healthcare. We promote content, events, articles and news to our more than 43,000 followers. We have consistently gained 800-1000 followers per month. I post multiple times each week as well as interacting with engaged followers and employees.

I also headed up the social strategy for CMG Consulting and used our LinkedIn profile and targeted Groups to establish CMG as a thought leader in Agile Marketing. I fostered relationships with other Agile Marketing influencers which garnered invitations for speaking engagements and contributed articles for CMG’s partners.

Jabil Healthcare Ads

To increase awareness of Jabil as a contract manufacturing provider to healthcare companies, we developed this ad campaign with a line I wrote, “Manufacturing Healthy Outcomes” to capture what we do – and why we do it. The imagery shows each player in the process from the customer coming up with the product design to Jabil’s engineers and technicians making it, and then the patients who use the product to live a healthier life. The ads appeared in trade publications geared to product managers and other decision makers at medical device companies.

Product Launch

Jabil is a contract manufacturer which means that they make products for other companies who own and have developed the intellectual property. Jabil has developed very few products by itself, but this year launched the Qfinity autoinjector to offer as “Qfinity” or white label to pharmaceutical or clinical trials companies. I developed the trademarked naming of Qfinity, wrote the web page and wrote or edited other collateral pieces linked on the page .

Banner Ads

Qfinity Autoinjector

This ad features the Qfinity Autoinjector, a new resuable medical device launched by Jabil in May 2022. The trade publication, OnDrug Delivery, carried a contributed article (authored by SME, edited by me) and a banner ad with the tagline I wrote for Qfinity – the reusable autoinjector that works simply, and simply works.

Prior to that tagline, we created a banner ad for Qfinity in PMPS as a gif with animation.

VIAVI introduced a new fiber inspection tool that tested incredibly fast compared to the products available at that time. The key message was speed, so I played on the innovation that comes from imagination and skill.
Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 11.01.11 AM

“Hips Don’t Lie!” Blog Post

Jabil Healthcare has five sectors, one of which is Orthopedics. They also have a large Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) division. The divisions come together to provide additive manufacturing in orthopedics for implants and surgical tools created to be more personalized for the patient or care provider. I wrote this blog post about the intersection of these two offerings from Jabil. I wrote or edited several other blog posts for Jabil, VIAVI and CMG which I can share as well.

E-Book: Agile Marketing

CMG is a small marketing consulting firm based in Durham, NC. To support the firm’s new Agile Marketing practice, my design partner and I created several materials on the topic, including this eBook, “CMOs Top Challenges” about how the agile marketing methodology addresses the challenges CMOs face in our new fast-paced digital market.

ebook thumb

Contributed Articles and PR


For CMG and Jabil, I have contributed to PR and Media by pitching stories to targeted pubs or responding to written interview requests and either writing or editing the articles that are accepted.

For CMG, I pitched to marketing pubs about Agile Marketing which was a pillar of CMG’s offerings. We had several articles placed in CMO, CTAM and other pubs.

For Jabil, I pitched articles to medical product and medical manufacturing publications. We have been accepted for over ten articles during my tenure and I help the SME work with a writer and edit all final drafts

The Financial Brand: Agile Marketing: 3 Ways Financial Institutions Should Shift Their Digital Strategy

CMO: How to Apply Agile Marketing in Financial Services  

OnDrugDelivery: Four articles (2018-2022)

Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO): several articles as interviews, PR pick ups, or written and contributed (2018-2022)

Video: Raising the Issue on Timing

VIAVI sells very sophisticated test and measurement equipment to telecom service providers, manufacturers, and enterprises. Often, VIAVI is aware of looming issues in network performance and they need to alert customers to what is ahead. For service providers, the move to 5G networks brings many challenges. In this video, for which I wrote the script and managed production, we are alerting our customers about the adverse effects to a process called “timing and synchronization” that will come with 5G and IoT.

Watch “Timing is Everything” video (2:33).

signal in sky


Case Studies: Let Your Clients Shine

I enjoy writing case studies because it involves interviewing people who have benefitted from solutions or services of my employer or client. I’m curious and like to learn how customers actually apply products or services to make their jobs better. It is common for the client and I to gain new insights on their success during an interview.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.30.31 AMHere are links to a few examples of case studies I’ve worked on:

Changing Company Culture with Agile Marketing

VIAVI Data Center Case Study and Test Guide 

Empowering Global Tech Company to Move Fast, Adapt, and Win