VeriSign Re-branding

vrsn logoAt the time I served as their corporate editor, VeriSign was very much in acquisition mode. They bought more than ten companies during this time and needed to re-brand from an internet security company to one that ran the DNS for .com and .net, and also provided back-end telecom services to carriers. In 2003, we worked with CEO, top executives, developers, sales, and customer service to come up with a way to make the somewhat disparate areas of the business coherent.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 9.49.15 AMWe developed the category of “Intelligent Infrastructure” with the tag “Where it all comes together.” All of our materials, including this Verisign brochure,  explained the integration of our services and capabilities. We developed branding guidelines, editorial guidelines and a quick brand review process. This re-branding got a fantastic reception  — especially by the analysts and the market — and it was reflected in a higher stock price and increased positive attention by the press.


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