Contributed Articles and PR


For CMG and Jabil, I have contributed to PR and Media by pitching stories to targeted pubs or responding to written interview requests and either writing or editing the articles that are accepted.

For CMG, I pitched to marketing pubs about Agile Marketing which was a pillar of CMG’s offerings. We had several articles placed in CMO, CTAM and other pubs.

For Jabil, I pitched articles to medical product and medical manufacturing publications. We have been accepted for over ten articles during my tenure and I help the SME work with a writer and edit all final drafts

The Financial Brand: Agile Marketing: 3 Ways Financial Institutions Should Shift Their Digital Strategy

CMO: How to Apply Agile Marketing in Financial Services  

OnDrugDelivery: Four articles (2018-2022)

Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO): several articles as interviews, PR pick ups, or written and contributed (2018-2022)


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