B2B Content for RealNetworks

RN SaaS ScreenClipRealNetworks:
Web Content & Redesign
I worked at RealNetworks as a Sr. Director of Marketing and then as a freelancer for the B2B SaaS side of their business. Besides their consumer products, Real sells solutions to top-tier wireless carriers around the world. I headed up the division’s website redesign to address their new B2B market. I wrote the content for the SaaS Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Messaging and Helix sections of the site.

New Website: FLK

FLKFor FLK, a successful Korean technology company, I managed creation of a new website for their expansion to the West. Using their new logo and color scheme, I worked with a web designer to create an attractive site with a punchy, clear voice that quickly explains their services and their dedication to providing the latest technology and solutions for wireless carriers, consumers and businesses.The new site launched in 2011 and I re-wrote all new product pages in 2013.

Rebrand From “FeelingK” to FLK

FLK_Logo-pink squareA successful mobile services company in Korea named FEELingK began its plans to expand to the West in 2011. They hired staff in the states who hired me to help them develop their brand, naming and a new website. We wanted to maintain their heritage as a Korean company–especially because South Korea is known as such a leader in mobile technology–but we also wanted to “globalize” their brand and voice.

The top executives did not ask for a new name, but I knew that the name and presentation of “FEELingK” provoked more confusion and questions than a sense of global reliability. I proposed a shift to the abbreviation that they themselves used internally “FLK.” We added the tagline “Simply connect.” because it resonates for the full range of their product line whether selling to carriers or consumers while also broadcasting the benefits of their offerings as easy-to-use or making life more simple. The new branding was approved and we moved on from there to new design, new naming conventions, brand guidelines and messaging.